Father of Murdered Student to the University of California: “Divest now!”


To honor classmates murdered in the Isla Vista Shooting, students at the University of California – Santa Barbara took a bold stand against gun violence and voted to ban investments in the gun industry.

The following is a statement from Bob Weiss, the father of Veronika Weiss who was murdered in the shooting. It was read at the Associated Students’ vote by UCSB student, Sydney: 

On the evening of Friday, May 23rd, my daughter and 2 friends were walking back to their Sorority House from dinner in Isla Vista.  A troubled young man with 3 guns and 400 rounds of ammunition pulled up to the curb in his car, unrolled his window and fired 17 shots at the three girls.  Katie was shot in the eye and died almost instantly. 

Veronika was hit 7 times. The bullet that killed Veronika entered the side of her chest and traversed her upper body, destroying both her lungs and heart. She died about 15 minutes later, drowning in her own blood. 

Bianca, the third student, sustained several wounds, fortunately, none lethal.  She survived.  

The agony of losing our beloved daughter is constant and unbearable. Our lives will never be the same. The pain is indescribable and relentless. Our lives are shattered. 

As parents of a victim of a gun violence murder at a University of California it sickens us that the University could be invested in firearm manufacturers.

With over 30,000 gun-related deaths every year and school shootings occurring almost monthly, the gun industry has blood on its hands.  The University of California should act as a leader and ban investments in the gun industry. Divest now!

We Won! Jay Leno Cancels Appearance at Gun Industry Trade Show

We Won! Jay Leno Cancels Appearance at Gun Industry Trade Show

A brief campaign by three gun violence prevention groups — Campaign to Unload, Newtown Action Alliance, and Coalition to Stop Gun Violence — succeeded in convincing Mark Twain Award-winning comedian Jay Leno to pull out of a planned performance at the gun industry’s largest trade show. Congratulations to all the activists who pressured Mr. Leno via our petition and social media. Your voices were heard!

From Mother Jones’ Tim Murphy:

Update: Late Wednesday, Jay Leno said in a brief phone interview that he had called the National Shooting Sports Foundation to cancel his scheduled performance at the SHOT Show. He also said that he’d spoken with Po Murray of the Newtown Action Alliance to let her know. “I understand it’s Newtown, and of course I get it,” Leno told Mother Jones. “It’s just sometimes, mistakes get made.”

Campaign to Unload’s statement: “I’m grateful that Jay has seen the NSSF for what it really is: a corporate lobbying group that puts money over morality, no matter how many families are destroyed by its products,” said executive director Jennifer Fiore.

Here’s the original petition: Tell Jay Leno: Cancel Your Appearance at the 2015 SHOT Show