3 Very Scary Facts about the Gun Industry that Should Have You Spooked


Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes via Flickr

Even though it’s Halloween, this could be the scariest thing you read all day:

1. The gun industry is profiting from gun violence.
Often after mass shootings, gun sales rise. The gun industry is making money from our tragedies.

2. Congress has failed to pass common-sense gun laws that would help make our communities safer and the gun industry is to blame.
Every year, millions of dollars are funneled to the NRA by irresponsible gun companies to block gun reform – companies like Sturm Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Olin. Even Cerberus, who said it would sell its stake in Freedom Group, failed to keep its promise and even appointed executives who finance ads which attack Connecticut Governor Malloy for fighting to enact gun safety measures.

3. Your money may be helping to fuel the gun violence epidemic in the US. 
Many individuals, pensions, and university endowments are invested in these irresponsible gun companies. You could be helping to fund the industry profiting from violence and not even know it.

Young Americans are paying the price for weak gun laws. Stand up to the gun industry by taking action NOW: 

  • Support students who are demanding their universities stop investing in gun violence
  • Check out our toolkit to learn how you can take action on your campus
  • Join the conversation on Twitter by using the DivestGuns hashtag
  • On November 4th vote for candidates who believe in common-sense gun reform


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